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Mystery in the Minster

Ron and I happened upon a remarkable endeavor while visiting York last month, and I’m so glad we spotted the posters, plunked down our pounds sterling, and settled ourselves into tight seats on scaffolded risers for a three-and-a-half hour spectacle: the York Minster Mystery Plays.
July 8, 2016

Adamant Ties

When babies are new and tiny and soft, they curl perfectly into a certain place on your chest. If you’ve ever held a newborn, you know what I mean. Here’s what I wrote about my third baby shortly after he was born: hen I hold…
May 15, 2016

A Memoir in Psalms

“Blessed are those whose strength is in you, who have set their hearts on pilgrimage.” — Psalm 84:5 Combine Bono, Eugene Peterson, and the Psalms, and you can have 27,400 shares on social media in just a few days. We know this because an outfit…
April 30, 2016
liturgical yearmemoirspirituality

A Lenten Update

Dear Jesus, Just thought I’d send a quick note and let you know how things are going this Lent. Actually, not so good tbh. I don’t know. I just wasn’t feeling it this year, you know? I didn’t give up chocolate or carbs or anything.…
March 18, 2016
liturgical yearspirituality

No Words Fall

It must begin with Zechariah’s silence. Nothing against poor old Zechariah. Who can blame him for asking a decent question? The text tells us that both he and Elizabeth were upright and blameless before the Lord. So even if Gabriel comes off as a little…
December 11, 2015


Grandma Theresa’s heart is extremely weak. No surprise, as it’s been pumping nonstop since before she was born in July of 1912. That’s the year the Titanic sank. We visited Grandma yesterday in her room at the assisted care facility. At the age of 103,…
November 28, 2015

Nothing is Wasted

I’d like to believe that when someone dies young, say from cancer at age 42, leaving a young family behind, I’d like to believe that “nothing is wasted.” That’s the sort of thing we say to each other: “Even though we don’t understand, his life…
November 14, 2015

Hallowed Ground for Humble People

Three months on from the deaths of my parents, a week out from my daughter’s wedding, I finally get back to this cloth tote bag, thoughtfully provided by the funeral home, emblazoned with its logo. I tossed into it, weeks ago, funeral materials, death certificates,…
August 8, 2015