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Refugia Faith

Suggested Resources

Here are a few books and other resources that have been especially helpful to me. This list is not meant to be comprehensive, as the number of available resources is already huge and constantly growing. Obviously, I do not personally endorse every idea or action represented in the resources below. The list is meant to be an informative beginning that inspires further exploration. 

Where to Start

A few top-notch basics if you want to dive right in.

Climate Facts and News

Sources appropriate for getting up to speed and keeping up with developments.

Theology, Philosophy, Journalism

A grab-bag category of great writing. Deeper dives from theological, historical, and philosophical perspectives.


Accounting for all the marvelous fiction, poetry, and nonfiction connected to the climate crisis would require far more space that I can give here. These are just a few recent favorites.


To Speak for the Trees

By Diana Beresford-Kroeger. This memoir describes the harrowing childhood and subsequent impressive career of botanist Beresford-Kroeger. Irish by birth and Canadian for most of her adult life and career, Beresford-Kroeger celebrates the Celtic heritage with its extensive plant knowledge and sense of interdependence between humans…
April 26, 2019
LiteratureRefugia Faith Resources

The Overstory

By Richard Powers. Interweaves the stories of nine characters who get tangled up in eco-activism, but trees and forests are the real protagonists, irradiating the novel with their being-ness. Every sentence in this absorbing novel is a work of art.
April 3, 2018