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Refugia Faith

Suggested Resources

Here are a few books and other resources that have been especially helpful to me. This list is not meant to be comprehensive, as the number of available resources is already huge and constantly growing. Obviously, I do not personally endorse every idea or action represented in the resources below. The list is meant to be an informative beginning that inspires further exploration. 

Note: This page is always in the process of being updated!

Where to Start

A few top-notch basics if you want to dive right in.

Where to Start

The Climate Book

Greta Thunberg edits this large collection of very short essays by dozens of the world’s experts in fields from climatology to agriculture to energy to environmental justice. The book moves through several sections from “How Climate Works” to “What We Must Do Now.” This is…
August 8, 2021

Climate Facts and News

Sources appropriate for getting up to speed and keeping up with developments.

Climate Facts and News

IPCC AR6 Synthesis Report

The Intergovernmental Panel on Climate Change released this summary in March 2023. You can read the Executive Summary for a helpful and readable introduction. This report summarizes the more extensive reports released earlier on the physical science of climate change, on impacts and the need…
August 15, 2023
Climate Facts and News

Inside Climate News

"Inside Climate News is a Pulitzer Prize-winning, nonprofit, nonpartisan news organization that provides essential reporting and analysis on climate change, energy and the environment, for the public and for decision makers." It really is excellent coverage. ICN has several newsletters you can subscribe to, depending…
August 10, 2023
Climate Facts and News

Refugia Newsletter

This is my newsletter on Substack (it's free). I'ts "A fortnightly newsletter for people of faith who care about the climate crisis and want to go deeper." All the climate news can be hard to keep track of, so I choose a couple top stories…
August 9, 2023


Deeper dives from theological perspectives.

EcotheologyRefugia Faith Resources

Refugia Podcast

For three seasons, I interviewed people from a variety of fields--biology, art, farming, theology, environmental history, community organization, and more--to talk about how the refugia concept might be meaningful for them. So many great guests! Season 3 emphasizes the theme of "refugia church."
August 11, 2023

Following Jesus in a Warming World

A Christian Call to Climate Action. Kyle Meyaard-Schaap has provided an excellent resource, especially aimed at a more evangelical audience. The book makes a persuasive and inspiring argument that climate work is necessary discipleship and a way of "loving our neighbor in public."
August 10, 2023

Philosophy, Journalism, Science Writing

I depend a lot on the great work people do in these areas of research, reflection, and synthesis.

Recent Fiction, Poetry, and Creative Nonfiction

Accounting for all the marvelous literature connected to the climate crisis would require far more space that I can give here. These are just a few recent favorites.

Resources for Churches

I’ll be working on building out this section in the next year.