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An Ode to Cable

Oh cable, I could not part with you! I came close, though. You know how it works: you negotiate a one-year deal, and then when the special rate eventually expires, some even-more-obscene amount quietly drains from your bank account. That’s your cue to get on…
January 25, 2014

Matthew 2.0

Therefore everyone who hears these words and puts them into practice is like the wise woman who followed the instructions on the internet when she built her retaining wall.
May 19, 2012

Let’s Give in and Make It Fun

I’m despairing enough about the state of public rhetoric and irresponsible Washington gridlock to agree with this. But if we’re going to change the system, let’s do it right. Debates, however slickly produced, are a bore. Here are some better ideas.
January 28, 2012