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Debra Rienstra


Let’s Give in and Make It Fun

I’m despairing enough about the state of public rhetoric and irresponsible Washington gridlock to agree with this. But if we’re going to change the system, let’s do it right. Debates, however slickly produced, are a bore. Here are some better ideas.
January 28, 2012
college life

Rally Around

We should get riled up about math class. And what’s wrong with a study hall, medieval or otherwise? Colleges exist to… what is it called again? Oh yeah, educate.
December 31, 2011
college lifeliturgical year

Little Pagans

People organize their life stories around significant football games. They make holy pilgrimages. They engage in ritual grilling and boozing and cheering. They seek the high mystical ecstasies of winning the big game. They don sacred vestments and practice hatred toward the worshipers of rival…
December 3, 2011
pop culture

Redemption Fantasies

A girl can’t spend every minute thinking deep thoughts and reading classic literature, so on occasion I flop on the couch and watch myself a little fantasy TV. I am not talking about cheesy Arthurian drama (though I groove on that) or science fiction (which…
November 5, 2011