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Sept. 13, 2019
Ep#1 “Little Pockets: Dave Koetje and Defining Our Terms”

Sept. 20
Ep#2 “The Great Laughter: Jamie Skillen on Humility and Hope”

Sept. 27                                  
Ep#3 “Seedbed to Be a Blessing: Steve Bouma-Prediger on Refugia in Scripture”          

Oct. 4
Ep#4 “Sacred Vessels: Jo-Ann Van Reeuwyk on the Arts, the Holy Spirit, and Sanctuary Spaces”         

Oct. 11
Ep#5 “New Generation Rising: Kyle Meyaard-Schaap on Young Evangelicals and the Climate Crisis”

Oct. 18
Ep#6 “Kitchen Table Refugia: Christina Edmondson on Higher Education, Social Media, and Discipleship for Discernment”

Oct. 25
Ep#7 “Through Pain to Freedom: John Witvliet on Prayer, Lament, and Refugia in Worship”

Nov. 1
Ep#8 “Dying and Rising: Jeff Chu on Composting, Evolving Faith, and Pop-Up Refugia”

Nov. 8
Ep#9 “Keep All the Pieces: Tim Van Deelen on Wildlife Conservation and the Ghost of Aldo Leopold”

Nov. 15
Ep#10 “Do the Next Right Thing: Kate Kooyman on Refuge, Refugees, and Stewarding Citizenship”

Nov. 22
Ep#11 “Jazz on the Dunes: David Jellema and the Colony at Lost Valley”                       

Nov. 29
Ep#12 “Baselines and Soul Work: Hillary Scholten on Immigration Reform and the Urgency of Creating Good Policy”

Dec. 6, 2019
Ep#13 “Summing Up: Reflections on Refugia with Dave Koetje

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