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Deep Practice

As I read Rohr’s book together with The Talent Code, I’m pondering the possible connections. For example, I wonder about this idea of “deep practice.” Could what Coyle has discovered about learning tennis and violin somehow be applied to the faith life? Could it be…
July 12, 2014

Noah: An Author Interview

12: What do you like about the movie? Author: Well, lots of things, actually. The strong emphasis on human moral responsibility. The reflection on what this experience does to Noah, the burden it places on him, and his own terrible sense of guilt on behalf…
April 5, 2014

Introvert, Be Free!

But here is one of Quiet’s most important insights. Cain insists—quietly and persistently, in true introvert style—that these “problem” traits are only the flip side of strengths. Introverts tend to experience them as disadvantages or faults because we live in a culture that has thoroughly…
October 20, 2012