So Much More


So Much More is a radiant manifesto for the fully realized Christian life.”
- Carol Zaleski, author of The Book of Heaven: An Anthology of Writings from Ancient to Modern Times

This book is a gesture of welcoming friendship for people who are new or newly returned to the Christian faith–those who are searching, lurking, longing, or learning. So Much More starts from the beginning, assuming little to no knowledge about the faith, yet appeals to the demanding reader–those who want things explained plainly but also deeply and beautifully.

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Rather than offering rational defenses of Christian doctrine, So Much More responds to concerns particularly urgent in our postmodern times: our longing for transcendence, our desire for integrity in all parts of our lives, our need to find a way of thinking and living that makes sense in a bewildering marketplace of ideas and lifestyles.

The first section of the book presents basic Christian beliefs–the incarnation and the Trinity, sin, redemption, meaning in suffering–demonstrating how these truths can reshape our imaginations so that all the parts of our lives, blessed and terrible and everything in between, make sense together in light of some big answers to the big questions of our existence.

The second section of the book describes basic Christian practices–prayer, Bible reading, worship, community, and service–inviting readers to ground their own spiritual practices in tradition while adapting the hard-won wisdom of the past for modern times.

So Much More does not attempt to make Christianity simple or merely practical, but rather to expose for newcomers its richness and depth. Ecumenical and generous, its inviting tone and poetic prose create a compelling picture of how Christian belief, practice, passion, and imagination can open ordinary lives to God’s transforming love.

So Much More is ideal as:

  • a way to “go deeper” after a simple introduction to the faith
  • a gift for friends who are curious about Christianity
  • a text for new-member classes
  • a refresher for more seasoned believers
  • a focus for small-group study (click on “Study Guide” for more ideas)